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  1. I've been able to get Windows XP Embedded down to ~120MB
  2. I don't see how ModifyPE doesn't work.... Try downloading a new copy: Here Run the command modifype logonui.exe -C Then makecab logonui.exe That should make it Windows Setup safe... it's worked for me dozens of times
  3. Ah, thanks for this... I was getting annoyed at how Windows reported my DVD±RW drive as a DVD-R.
  4. Hope this isn't too old, but if it's refusing during setup, you have to use modifype to make it "SFC-Safe". http://www.windos2000.net/apps/modifype.exe Run the command modifype shell32.dll -c Then, to make the shell32.dl_ file, makecab shell32.dll
  5. (Sorry if I'm bumping an old topic) A lot of OEM's use those for Application Recovery CD's I remember our old HP did that I suppose, you could use Flash and the fscommand to run the installers if you didn't know how to code a basic program..... (I'm taking a C++ course in school right now... I might learn something )
  6. I have several movies on my computer (DVDs I ripped). Some of them won't play in Windows Media Player. It will only work on the DivX Player. That's why some people will want the DivX Player installed.