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  1. buckeyeXP, I actually get the same error as devilrunner. What I was trying to say in the first post is that, as you can see in the attached office.log, that there is a command run (Command Run: C:\office\final\SETUP.EXE...) from my "final" destination. If that is so, how should it find the files that gives the error? My source is located in the dir "Original". wghout Office.log.zip
  2. buckeyeXP, I've read through previous postings and run into the same error as devilrunner. When I put some extra info in the shrink.ini file where it says "Office setup EXE=SETUP.EXE" into "Office setup EXE=c:\office\original\SETUP.EXE" I get an error telling me "Execution not succesful. Command Run: C:\office\final\c:\office\original\SETUP.EXE TRANSFORMS=unattended.MST /qb FAILED" Is this this perhaps a hard coded problem that is pointing to the "Final" instead of the "Original" directory. Although when I run the utility originally, I get the error on every file it would place in the "Final" place. So you have to start "Shrink_lang" over and over again. Every time the error occured, the file is actualy placed in its destination directory. Regards, wghout