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  1. Hi all... I'm new to this whole WinPE thing just testing so we can use it for imaging Vista. (V2.0) I have an issue that our image storage location is stored on a Terrastation (Samba Share). WinPE can not authenticate to this share. I know that Vista has a problem with the default authentication method/logging in to Samba and I assume WinPE has the same problem. I'm assuming I need to add the regkey LmCompatibilityLevel. My question is where do I find the regkey to do this. Do you Load the hive right through regedit? I have built my image up to the point where it is ready to be prepared. When I try to load the HKLM reghive from the winpe.wim file it only has like 3 keys in it. Is this the way it should look? Any info on modifying the reg keys would be helpful. Thanks.