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  1. I have seagate ST3500620AS,Firmware:SD15,product of Thailand with BSY problem that my BIOS do not identify it. I used nokia CA-42 usb data cable,made in china with five color wire(orange,black,green,white and blue).I powered it with two AA size batteries and identified as ORANGE=+ve,BLACK=GND,GREEN=3.00V (connected with or without USB port,identified in COM21(shown in device manager>ports as Nokia CA-42USB COM21),WHITE=3.00V while connected only with USB port, as identified in COM21 and BLUE=0.10V while connected with USB port but 0.00 while not connected to USB port. However I got rough idea about these five color wire.To find out RX/TX I opened HYPER TERMINAL (my computer>local disk C>documents and settings>all users>start menu>programs>accessories>communications>hyper terminal) and used mr.dskbrk advice,posted as #277,page14 and found out as GREEN=RX,WHITE=TX and BLACK=GND.I set hyper terminal port settings in default,(bits/sec=2400,data bits:8,parity:none,stop bits:1 and flow control:hardware). While touched two wires between WHITE and GND, it was 3.1V but by random typing voltage slightly changed by up and down but surprisingly I could not see any sign/letter in my hyper terminal,it only a blinking hyphen(-).But turning on EchoTypedCharactersLocally (hyper terminal>file>properties>settings>ASCII Setup) I could see everything what I typing. Is it necessary to turn on Echo Typed Characters Locally?(my question) Connecting with my HDD(seagate ST3500620AS) I followed everything what mr.my77stang,post#683,page#35 and mr.aviko advices but I only got an arrow in my Hyper Terminal while typing ctrl+z.I checked everything (HDA connector/PCB, ground, data cable,Hyper Terminal port settings) hundred times but I did not get any prompt about F3 T>. No idea what I did wrong.