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  1. Yes, I have tried XP SP3 CD and XP x64 SP2 with and without textmode driver. The notebock have 3GB RAM. I will check the hardware with a diag tool. Then I comeback on your German support. :-) Vielen, Vielen Dank! weili
  2. No, that's the Flash Media Controller and used by the card reader.It seems to me, that you don't need to integrate any textmode driver. My advice: Try to boot off the original XP-CD and look, if your SATA hdd will be detected or not. If the XP Setup should not see your hdd and its partitions, you should integrate this 32bit Intel textmode driver and highlight all listed Intel SATA AHCI Controllers during the integration procedure. Good luck! Fernando No, that's not the required controller driver. This driver is required for "Intel ICH7 to ICH10 Controller" but there is no entry in Vista under "IDE ATA/ATAPI-Controller". All ends with a BSOD. "Stop 0x0000007B"-Fehlermeldung (Probleme mit Gerätetreibern) The "Standard AHCI 1.0 Serieller-ATA-Controller" driver is from MS. Any way to get it form MS or from the Vista DVD? Again many thanks weili
  3. Why do you think, that you need these ones?JMicron JMB38X drivers are just supporting JMicron Flash Media, but no SATA Controllers. If you really should need JMicron textmode drivers, you have to take these JMicron JMB36X RAID drivers. At first step you have to find out, to which sort of SATA Controller your hard disk drive is connected and if it is set to RAID or AHCI Mode. Are you still able to run Vista? If yes, open the Device Manager and look into the "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" and "Storage Controllers" sections. Which Controllers -besides the "Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller"- do you see? Hi Fernando, thank you for the fast answer. Vista Device Manager =============== Entry at "IDE ATA/ATAPI-Controller" ----------------------------- ATA Channel 0 up to ATA channel 5 Standard AHCI1.0 Serieller-ATA-Controller Standard-Zweikanal-PCI-IDE-Controller Entry at "Speichercontroller" --------------------- JMB38X Controller (thats why i think i need these ones) Microsoft iSCSI-Initiator Regards Weili
  4. Hi Fernando, i'm trying to deinstall vista from Pavilion DV7-1112eg and install XP. The BIOS has no option enable/disable AHCI. I need the JMicron JMB38X textmode drivers. I found "JMB38X_WinDrv_R1.00.19_WHQL" and "JMB38X_WinDrv_R1.00.21_WHQL". But not with textmode drivers. Can You help? Many thanks in advance.