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  1. Just used Gradius' BSY fix to unbrick my 1.0TB Barracuda, and it worked like a charm (once I got past figuring out how to solder...). That aside, I used a slightly different setup than his, using this adapter:;products_id=21 along with a usb-> usbmini data cable. Just soldered the two jumpers onto TX and RX, ran them to the HD (it took a bit to install the usb serial drivers, but vista's driver search *finally* did its job correctly and it worked just fine). Ran through the rest of the guide and voila! Hard drive back to pre-BSY state. Not that I really trust that drive anymore, and have replaced my Seagates with WD Caviar Black 1TB drives. Thank you all so much for the info you've provided on these forums, it saved my data and my money in the process -K