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  1. solved! Hi, I have some problems to enter the command mode... I have a FTDI TTL-232R 3V3 Adapter and when I power on my drive, I can see the CC error -> cabling correct. But when I use a paper card trick and power on the pcb by connecting the sata connector, I can't enter CTRL+Z. For testing I have "local echo" enabled. When I enter a "b", I can see the "b". But when I try to enter CTRL+Z, I got a symbol which looks like a down arrow. I use Hyperterminal 38400, 8 databits, parity none, stop bits 1, no flowcontrol. Have you any idea? edit: ok, problem is solved. I got the prompt after connecting gnd from usb to pcb. Now I have done this: F3 T>/2 (enter) F3 2>Z (enter) < pull off the paper card > F3 2>U (enter) Spin up F3 2>/1 (enter) F3 1>N1 (enter) F3 1>/T (enter) F3 T>i4,1,22 (enter) PowerOff PowerOn And then there is no prompt anymore. I can't enter any commands. When I used the paper card trick again, I got the prompt... What I have to do?! solved: I haven't power off my drive... I have entered all command (post #513) and it works!