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  1. (Sorry for my English) Hello, many hours ago I started to repair my HD SEAGATE ST31000340AS with SD15 (1 TB. / 75% occupied) that suffered both problems (BSY and LBA 0 error). Finally It has been a success. For this I used the dock station DSS-20 (similar to the DSS-25) for Sony-Ericsson T610's family. Has been complicated because the connection Hyperterminal not working well, Hyperterminal showing me strange characters and symbols. Found PINS RX and TX and connect with SonyEricsson interface was hardly , I had to do extensive testing to ensure that the quality of the connection could lead to the solution. Thank you very much GRADIUS2 and colleagues in the forum for all information. If I can help someone can send me an email to (better in Spanish). I will not buy more HDs Seagate, it is either a bug, but its management of the solution and the chaos and secrecy they have created do not deserve my approval. PD: Next I updated my BIOS with last version "MooseDT-SD1A-3D4D-16-32MB", works fine with my HD. Thanks for all!!!!!!