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  1. Brilliant! Just the information that I needed. I checked the 'Welcome screen' box on the 'Change the way users log on and off' page and I now have what I was looking for. Again, I thank you. Rick
  2. A check of the Active check box in nLite shows that all are checked except the Guest account. This suggests that either the fourth field or the eighth field controls this and not the ninth (last) field. Your suspicion that all the accounts are installed is correct. Not only installed but active (all except Guest). I was assuming that each active account would have a folder in Documents and Settings. As soon as I logged in with one of the new accounts, the corresponding folder was created in D&S. The active accounts do not appear (with their cute little icons) at startup or after logging off. Does anyone know what controls this display of user accounts? Thank you for your help John. Rick
  3. Thanks for the response. I have attached the requested files (I think). RickLAST_SESSION.INI LAST_SESSION_U.INI
  4. I have not been able to add new user accounts. Not a big deal. I have just four to add. No errors or anything. The accounts are just not there at the end of the installation. All my other modifications and settings in nLite appear to be there. Installing XP Pro + SP3 on a Dell Inspiron 8600. Installing to NTFS drive D: (C: is a small FAT partition). Documents and Settings folder has been relocated to NTFS drive E: (DATA). Drives C:, D:, and E: all exist at the start of installation. Any ideas? Rick