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  1. I don't remember exactly if that the sound that it makes, but basically if you can feel the hard drive powering up and not being detected in the BIOS at all (my computer would just hang) then its probably the BSY error. My hard drive had the BSY error and I was able to fix it via the instructions provided on this forum. Thanks for nothing Seagate!
  2. I used the CA-42 cable that was recommended by another user that that recommened this seller on eBay. This is the one that I won: I stripped the cable and connected it to a stripped audio cable (the old kind that goes from CD to sound card). I pulled the end off the audio cable to reveal just the bare metal ends. I put small pieces of electrical tape around the metal ends so that they wouldn't touch each other when plugged into the HDD pins. I live in Portland, OR. Could try to recover your HDD for you by mail.