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  1. We have Windows XP sp3 .My wife purchased a volume edition Office 2007 ENTERPRISE from work. The installation stalls at the installation progress screen then a dialogue opens with the message: 'Setup cannot find cannot find office.en-us\officeLR.cab. Browse to a valid installation source then click OK' This file does exist on the dvd but pointing the installation to the correct location doesn’t work. Can help me? Edit : Solved with microsoft installer !!
  2. Hi ! How to register Adobe Lightroom 2.3 silently? i have a correct serial !! cheers
  3. Cool...really appreciate it , but ...
  4. hi , nice guide ! my problem is this ;!@Install@!UTF-8! RunProgram="tfb.exe" $location = @ProgramFilesDir & "\tfb\test\" fileCopy("tc.plg", $location) ;!@InstallEnd@! I like 7zip too, for it wonderful compression - but its not work Any Ideas?