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  1. 3. You mean I'm better off with just two drives or 2 volumes on my new drive? 4. I've tried this, because my dvdrom and dvdr are using D and E the settings for the new drive only allow F onwards 5. Is your avatar a Klingon Insignia?
  2. I've just added a second harddisk to my windows xp pro pc and discovered i've had to add it and format it in the storage portion of administrative tools/computer management/storage. My Master C: drive is a 40gb "BASIC" drive with xp on it, and I now have a slave 120gb formated "dynamic" drive and its been allocated the drive letter F I have a few questions from this little venture. 1. As I'd like to just use this slave drive for storing files and using it for downloading too is it best as a DYNAMIC or BASIC drive? 2. What advantages and disadvantages are there in having it dynamic ? 3. Am I better off having lots of volumes or just one? 4. How can I get this drive letter to "D" and my dvdrom and dvdr to "E" and "F" ? Master is a 40gb seagate barracuda 4 Slave is a 120gb Maxtor