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  1. the array degraded error yes show up before windows starts.. what pack are you talking about...
  2. the hard drives are new.... what can i try to do?
  3. This can be caused by a big variety of hardware or software issues. If I would know the exact reason, I would have posted it here. I would rather want to help you further on, but I have not the time to solve individual problems, which are absolutely off topic.CU Fernando thanks again.. if you would try to help me i open here a thread.. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=132678
  4. i've 2 hd (1tb) i create l'array and all seems to be ok. the day after puntually it tells me Array Degraded and i've to re-create the array what can it be? sry my english here an image
  5. i'm so sorry, i didn't want to cause any problem.. you were so kind with me when you helped me to configure the raid.. i wanted only to understand what could cause this "degraded" problem after months .. but if you don't want to help me anymore i can understand.. really..
  6. what kind of driver? here's the situation
  7. 1. Open the "Disk Drives" section of the Device Manager.2. Do a right-click onto the shown NVIDIA RAID device > "Properties" > "Policies". Now you get the option to disable the "Write Cashing" of your RAIDed hdd's. how can i do? i can't solve this "degraded" problem even after format
  8. (sry for the english im italian) i'm gonna format... i have to put on a floppy the drivers of the raid... (so i click F6 during the star of installation) what have i to put on that floppy? on gigabyte website it gives me this file (for my GA-8N-SLI Pro) NVIDIA MCP04 SATA/SATA RAID driver (Preinstall driver, press F6 during Windows* setup to read from floppy) motherboard_driver_raid_nvidia_mcp04_bootdisk_xp.exe i put this on the floppy? or have i to put these "nForce LEGACY 699 for XP 32bit built by Fernando.zip" i'm a little bit confused.. i have no time to integrate on the cd
  9. how can i disable write cashing?
  10. again Array degraded... i'm sick of it tomorrow i'm gonna format the SO... so i can install the raid at the installation of XP.. Would you please explain me how to do? (to install the drivers at the installation) ps. windows xp sp3 is ok? or is better sp2?
  11. don't you remember me? some pages ago i wrote
  12. when that happened i didn't see it anymore in "Computer Resources" i had to go in disk management and riformat... maybe now i try to see if it happens again
  13. i built a mirroring array on 2 hd (1tb) so is an hardware problem? it's strange, i didn't touch anything
  14. some days ago at the starting it said "degraded" refered at the array... i rebuilt the array and now i've to ri-format again the partition!? fortunately i didn't put anything on it yet... but can this happen again? i've to put on it important datas
  15. now all devices are using 699