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  1. I ended up using the netsh command to add firewall exceptions. Here is my exceptions.cmd file to add firewall exceptions for ZenWorks Remote Control and then Novell Distributed Print Services cls if EXIST %SystemDrive%\Novell\ZENRC\wuser32.exe netsh firewall add allowedprogram PROGRAM="%SystemDrive%\Novell\ZENRC\wuser32.exe" NAME="Remote Management" MODE=ENABLE PROFILE=ALL if EXIST %windir%\System32\dpmw32.exe netsh firewall add allowedprogram PROGRAM="%windir%\System32\dpmw32.exe" NAME=NDPS MODE=ENABLE PROFILE=ALL exit
  2. I tried: AllowedPrograms=WindowsFirewall.program1,WindowsFirewall.program2 comma without spaces and that did NOT work for me.