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  1. I got my sleeping (busy) drive to wake thanks so much!! One thing that made this a little easier was the use of an external USB cable, made for maintaining IDE and laptop size IDE, also SATA drives. The kit included a power supply and I was able to use that for the SATA board, and the Molex power connecter for IDE was a handy place to rob the 5v I needed for the rs232/ttl adapter I had purchased. One other trick... I didn't have any tiny jumpers for the connection to the SATA boards Rx Tx lines, so I just cut the ends of some stranded wire flush and shimmed them onto the pins. I got the wire for that from an old cpu fan that was not in use. Since the board was off of the drive I tested those lines for connectivity and shorts with an ohm meter before getting started. Definitely do test the durability of your setup without power before going >hot< with this! Thanks again Gradius2, Fatlip and everybody else who helped with this info!!!!