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  1. Safe now to flash firmware? Since the last release of the firmware almost 2 months have passed, I would like to ask you guys if it is now safe to flash the firmware with the latest version. Do you know of problems arising from flashing the drive with the latest firmware? - Lots of thanks to Gradius, Pichi, Fatlip and all that contributed to this topic. I was able to unbrick my Diamondmax 22 500Gb HD and have all my data back.
  2. Don't be discouraged - Try Again... I had to connect the ground cable to the third pin (after The Rx an TX) - get it done and boy I was happy to see my lost data alive and kicking!! If you get all these crazy characters just reinitiate the Hyperterminal session. Found also that a low battery (did not use the power supply) and no so good connections are a big source of trouble.