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  1. i know but the problem is that i don't have a $OEM$ folder at all, how do i create it? regularily or by windows setup like in XP?
  2. ^ could you please give some more info about setupcomplete.cmd and where does it appear? (sorry about my ignorance until now i relied too much on unattended programs)
  3. Thanks, I tried it as autounattend.xml and it worked perfectly , now help with one more thing, not related to the title but to the forum - how can i deploy/slipstream a reg file?
  4. ^ will this skip the OOBE as well? if not, how can i? I mean I don't plan on setting any users but the admin (I'm aware of its restrictions, such as no apps etc.)
  5. I hope it's related to the topic but Does anyone know here how to delete %temp%\RT_Mount? It say that the access is denied.
  6. I'm sure those issues will be solved in next build. But I cannot give assure for XP hosts Alright, I uninstalled this version and strangely version 1.02 works, now the problem is that the program doesn't support my local settings... why the clock there isn't more specific (by writing GMT)? I also noticed that it takes a lot of memory (I have 1GB)
  7. Hello, I'm using version 1.0.4 on windows xp sp3 and I encounter the error while loading it: "Required files are missing. Please reinstall the application". I reinstalled and this problem is still not solved. It should be noted as well that I run WAIK 7, NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Adobe Flash Player ActiveX. Did I miss something here? Sorry if it was asked and answered before...
  8. The code number is (for the messenger) : hr:0x80004005 and for the mail: "microsoft visual studio runtime: 0x80004004" please help me