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  1. Whatever it was Fernando it's not there anymore. I have removed the Vista pre-install on the system and replaced it with another Version of Vista. Your advice worked fine and I managed to sort a working slipstreamed XP. You are a real star! Thank you very much for the help. Now the bad news, after all that, I had so many problems trying to install the drivers to the XP partition I finally got the ethernet working when my DVD driver disappeared. I need the system for work so I decided to take a raincheck on my DualBoot fantasy. I'll try another day when I have about a month to spare :-] Anyway Fernando, keep up your excellent work here you are a true credit to the site. Thanks BV
  2. Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the quick reply Fernando! In answer to your questions. In my Vista Device Manager/IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers this is what's listed:- ATA Channel 0 ATA Channel 1 NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller And in Device Manager/Storage controllers:- ABMJMLKZ IDE Controller Microsoft iSCSI initiator I integrated the drivers from the Sataraid folder as it was the only folder in the package (nForce 630i/620i/610i (MCP73)) linked to in your tutorial. Thanks BV
  3. Hi Fernando.....Excellent resource for those PC noobs (like me) stuck with a problem. I'm here to beg for help...please. Sorry if my questions have been asked before, if so, please point me to an answer. I have been trying to set up a dual boot (Vista/XP) on my newish system for days. Have burnt at least a dozen coasters and am getting desperate. I have a Packard Bell X2424 with nvidia chipset (NVIDIA nForce 610i) Disk Drive WDC WD64 00AAKS-22A7B SCSI Disk Device Optical Drive Optiarc DVD RW AD-7200S SCSI CdRom Device Vista Home Premium XP Home I followed your instructions on the first post, downloaded the driver files (for nForce 630i/620i/610i (MCP73) I integrated these with n-lite (also integrated XP Service Pack 3) my XP and Vista cd's are genuine BTW. I get the BSOD after XP setup loads the initial files Please can you tell me where I'm going wrong? Is it because the Optical drive is SCSI? If so what must I do to solve? Thanks BV