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  1. Im a Mac user, does the solution apply to mac ox system? As for the terminal software, I only found a mac system terminal software, does it work as well?
  2. OK, Im so frustrated with my problem, and I dont know if I should just give it a try. I have the famous Barracuda 7200.11 hard drive, which is made in Thailand ref: ST31000340AS with firmware level LC15. It came with my iogema MiniMax 1T HD, and I only bought it weeks ago, and used 2 times. After I copied all my IMPORTANT data from my laptop to it (and deleted the files from my computer), it stopped working. I'm not sure if mine belongs 2 either of the 2 errors identified. When I turn the HD box on, the led light is on, but there is no any ticking sound at all. And then I took the HD out of the iogema box, and connect it to a pc, still quite as dead, no sign of working at all. Can't see it in devise centre or anywhere else. Do you guys think mine has the fireware problem as well? or it just dead? Please please help me, Im a designer, and my last 2 years work are all in the **** HD. I would rather die if Im going to lose them all. Please HELP!!!