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  1. My PC originally came with a normal SATA HD with Windows 7 installed. Then I got an SSD and did a fresh installation of Windows 7 on the SSD. The SSD is labeled C: while SATA HD is D:\ Now I am trying to delete the SATA's folders: Program Files\ Program Files (x86)\ ProgramData\ Windows\ but it won't let me. I've tried Unlocker program, and even force delete command-prompt in Adminstrator-mode. I even booted up in SAFE-MODE and it still says "Access Denied". I've compared the C:\ with the corresponding D:\ folders and noted that the files already exist in C:\... BUT Program Files\ is newer on C:\ WHILST the other 3 folders, D:\ seems newer. If Windows 7 still uses folders/files from SATA D:\ (even though I did a fresh installation in C:\..... how can I transfer them to C:\ and get them deleted from D:? PS: I could just take the SATA D:\ out and see what happens
  2. I own a NAS D-Link DNS-320 running fun_plug 0.7 & transmissionBT. I just bought a Transcend 2.5 inch 2TB USB HDD which is preformatted to NTFS. Just wondering whether my NAS(linux) can write to my USB HDD for a reliable storage for transmissionBT. Otherwise, if writing to NTFS is unstable in linux, how should I format my USB HDD. I know I could format as FAT32... but FAT32 has a 4GB file size limit. Is it possible to format USB HDD as ext3 (linux file system)... and still compatible/read/write by Windows XP/7/8?
  3. Thanks so much. It's good to see that this is well known common problem and has been resolved
  4. What? USB drivers??? Sure we don't need IDE/ATA drivers?
  5. This is a bit old hat but I can't figure out how to solve this. I get blue-screen-of-death during Windows XP install/setup. ... problem has been detected and Windows ...Technical information:STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78D6528, 0xC0000034, ....etcDell Dimension 8400 It has IDE HDD 10GB Maxtor. I am aware there's the F6 option of installing SATA drivers. I've tried this and also without. In BIOS, settings is ATA mode. The CD-drive isn't working, so am booting using WinSetupFromUSB ... made up of: - BartPE - Windows XP setup - PartedMagic PartedMagic boots up perfectly fine. It's just BartPE & Windows XP setup gives me BSOD. Anyone got any bright ideas?
  6. You mean you know ONLY 3 of them? However you are still not providing enough info, happy you solved the issue anyway (one way or the other). jaclaz I do know there's other ways... I just realised why we are both confused from the start. I've been using WinSetupFromUSB tool which I got from: The help in the program/app directs me to this forums.. so hence i thought this forums was all about WinSetupFromUSB... but after looking at the forums title... it's not :S
  7. Yes sorry. You know there's 3 different options for formatting USB stick? I liked the RMPrepUSB way (because it looked better than Bootice.... and FBinstTool didn't exist before). RMPrepUSB step 5 is where I put the path to BartPE... this was a BartPE folder used before BartPE creates the ISO. Now I don't use RMPrepUSB anyway. I use FBinstTool since it seems easier. I mount a BartPE ISO and specify the path in the "UBCD4Win/Win/WinBuilder/Windows FLPC setup/BartPE" box. That works better now and I get the boot menu option and can boot into it. Now I run into bigger problems (will create a new thread for that).
  8. I tried fixmbr, fixboot, bootcfg none of them worked. Maybe it was a bad backup image.....
  9. I restored a HDD image (using DriveXML), and now it says "cannot find boot device" or something similar. What can I do to get C:\ booting again?
  10. For my 8GB USB, I created BartPE & PartedMagic together. However, when it boots up, I only get grub showing me PartedMagic. How do we access BartPE?
  11. Understood. It's okay, I think I can set it to MAX partition size now with no problems.
  12. I've got a Kingston 8GB USB. I was having problems getting BartPE, Windows XP setup & PartedMagic put all in one. So I created a smaller NTFS partition using RMPrepUSB... 2.1GB (enough for the 3 ISOs). Created my combo successfully, and it boots up too. Now I want to create partition with the unallocated 5GB... but I can't seem to in Windows 7/8? It won't let me create partition?
  13. Currently it's working. I uninstalled and installed it on the HDD (D:\) rather than SDD (C:\). It successfully loaded a workspace/project. Sometimes it crashes with devncb.pkg (I recognise NCB means classview information). I usually delete the *.ncb so it generates a clean one. Later sometimes is crashes with the devdbg.pkg violation again. I decided to install Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows 7. Now Visual C 6 seems to be more stable. Fingers crossed it will be like this for a very very long time. Thanks for your link. It made me install Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows 7. native = installed as a host OS on machine... rather than guest OS in a VM lol OEM pre-installed? did I write that??? x64 means 64-bit... whereas x86 means 8086 intel instruction set architecture... bit misleading....
  14. I guess it's kinda similar. How do I generate a DMP?
  15. I used to have a HP Core2Duo i2 desktop, with native Windows 7 SP1 and Visual C++ 6 running fine. Now I got a Dell XPS 8700 i7 desktop, SSD, with native Windows 7 SP1 and Visual C++ 6 keeps on crashing everytime I load up a workspace/project. devdbg.pkg exception, access violation My work colleagues tell me their Visual C++ 6 runs fine on their Windows 7. Does anyone have a clue why a Dell XPS 8700 i7 desktop (SSD) running native Win7SP1 would keep on crashing everytime I load up a workspace/project in Visual C++ 6 (latest service packs). But on my old PC (HP Core2Duo i2) Win7SP1, it runs fine?