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  1. Hello all. My story goes like. I have a ST350032AS 500GB Barracuda that died to 0LBA problem 2 weeks ago. After doing some fast reading, I decided to upgrade firmware from SD15 to SD1A as instructed by seagate. Upgrade was succesfull but didnt solve the 0LBA problem. Some guy unbricked it for me using the terminal method for 30Euros. Data is intact, disk working fine, SMART table was reset showing 1 Power on Counts. The thing I dont understand is that when initially died to 0LBA the drive was in normal operation under Vista, got a BSOD and then failure to HDD's Bios Detection. It wasnt a Boot of Death or how it's called. I read that the briking moment is usually at a boot time. Do you think it could happen again?