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  1. Thank you Gradius2 and htpc SO MUCH , my BSY problem was solved after much trial and error. I don't know why, but couldn't get it to work with DKU 5 or CA-45 cables, only worked with the imitation CA-42 that htpc mentioned (btw thanks very much htpc for providing a lot of details). Now it's my turn to contribute: I managed to separate the PCB contact without removing any screws. I guess this is useful if you don't want to void your warranty (in my case there was a warranty label right on top of the main screw, so I couldn't remove it!). What I did instead was use a hard piece of transparent plastic, you can cut it out of any plastic packaging, and carefully shove it between the PCB and the motor contact. Besides, you won't have to waste money on a fancy screwdriver. Don't use credit cards and such, they're just too thick, at least I couldn't manage to get one in there. Paper is not hard enough and usually crumples. I hate Seagate for this bug, their tech support in Brazil is awful. Even though I understand they can't do much about it, I get the feeling they're not doing enough, they just don't care. One Seagate technician I talked to on the phone, told me this problem only affects 1-2% of customers, like that's supposed to comfort me!