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  1. @ Kelsenellenelvian I switched os from win 98 se to xp last march and since then i have been using an english version of tweak ui because i didn't know that there is a german version. So your link has helped me a lot. Thanks mate!
  2. @ szakacsze & AndrewNi Could it be that after installing KernelEx and Firefox something you installed has overwritten your version of unicows? I had some similar problem earlier this year and after reinstalling KernelEx this problem still existed. Then I checked unicows and noticed that some other programme I installed afterwards must have overwritten unicows with some older version. After changing that everything worked fine again.
  3. @ eidenk I've been using Firefox since version 1.5 and I prefer to stick to my guns. I tried Opera 9.64 and it didn't convince me at all. I prefer the variety of add-ons Firefox offers. I like the possibility to customize my browser in a way that it has all the functions I need. But the point is that whatever browser you use I think they all are better than IE6.
  4. Why don't you guys use Firefox 3.5 with KernelEx ? It's faster and more comfortable than IE6 and it is still updated and therefore more secure. I'm using it and it works just fine with Win 98 SE.
  5. Hello mx98. I have a german win98SE as well and I'm using Firefox 3 with KernelEx. Some weeks ago I had to install my system from scratch and I had a different problem with FF3. But the solution might help you as well. I confirmed that I wanted to use FF as my standard browser but somehow it didn't work and IE was still registered as standard. So I installed Firefox 2 which is designed for win98, started it for the first time and everything worked fine and it was registered as my standard browser. After that I installed Firefox 3 over it and that was the trick. Everything is working fine. So try Firefox 2 first, run it one time and then try installing FF3 again.
  6. Hello everybody 2 days ago I installed RP9 and I really loved the new look of the icons. But when i tried to change the theme nothing happened and RPConfig hung up. At first I thought that something was wrong but then I remembered I had the same problem with ScanDisc. The reason was my firewall : Sygate Personal Firewall 5.6. After turning the firewall off everything worked just perfectly and I really love the new look and feel of my system. So thank you very much Tihiy for your great work.
  7. Hi MagicAndre. I know that it's the same core. But as far as I know Vista is always asking if I am sure what I am doing. And that's extremely annoying. And after all Windows 7 will be released about Christmas time anyway.
  8. Windows 98 SE. I've been using it for 9 years now and as long as I can use the newest Firefox with it I can wait until Windows 7 comes out. I wanted to buy a new machine but then I heard that Vista is just a pain in the ... So there is no need to hurry.