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  1. yes i did it, my drive is alive and all my data is coming back i have upgraded it to sd1a put it back on my htpc switch on and mediaportal is showing up like nothing was happen bye and thanks to all
  2. i have tried with original nokia ca-42 cable, but after a lot of time I have understood that this cable take power from phone and i must supply 3v if not pc non recognize new hardware and no com and no party :hello:
  3. hi, tonight i want try to fix my 500gb barracuda 7200.11 it have two partition, the first about 40gb is for booting os the second all movie,anime and photo i have found one nokia ca-42 cable but before i have one simply, maybe stupid, question...... with this command: Partition regeneration: CODE F3 T>m0,2,2,,,,,22 (enter) i lost my data ?