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  1. Vista unattended Guide

    pffff..... I don't understand what's wrong....and it's even worse than before. My folder $oem$ is not more copied on the root of the system...but if i use another xml file (The Felon's one for exemple), the folder is copied.... I think I will use New Age Os method...and still search wath's wrong at the same time....so if someone find wath's wrong....thank Feuillearouler Sorry, I should have open a new post...I didn't thought it should be so long....
  2. Vista unattended Guide

    I hope I have found...... It may be a mistake in .xml file : It should be I hope it will be ok....I'll tell you more in few minutes.... One more thanks for all the help^you give us...
  3. Vista unattended Guide

    thanks for your answer... Y have tried Vista Update Toolkit from NewAge forum, and it's ok... But Y still wonder what is wrong on my xml..... my install.cmd is : And I would find what"s wrong.... Thanks
  4. Vista unattended Guide

    Hello everybody... need some help.... After XP, I now try to make my Vista Unattended.... Automation is ok, but Vista don't automatically run Install.cmd command... All the files are copied on the root og the destination partition, but don't run... When Y trie to lauch install.cmd, it runs normally... What's wrong....? I'll give you my .xml and a screen of the root of destionation partition... my xml : For information, The files of the DVD Thanks a lot for your help... Feuilllearouler