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  1. Helo TommyP, i used HFSLIP 1.7.10 BetaF and got this result in Windows XP SP3 PT-BR(Portuguese Brazilian): In this Screen Says: "The install Program Cannot copy the file msimsg.mui." The log File is in Attach^^ i use 1.7.9 normally and works fine, this started with 1.7.10 Beta. PS: I used VMWare 6.5 to run The ISO made from Nlite. I used Nlite only to make the ISO. Thanks for any light! Simbionte. HFSLIP.rar
  2. Good Day Friends^^ Can Anyone Update me about HFSLIP slipstreaming IE8 in Windows 2003 Server? Thanks in advance^^
  3. Hello Friends, here am i again I im having a problem with rootsupd from May: (Atualização para certificados raiz [maio de 2009] (KB931125) and it's not slipstreaming with my windows 2kSP4(PT-BR). It's Supported by hfslip or i'm doing something wrong? My log is attached. Here the url to the file i'm using Thanks in advance friends HFSLIP.txt
  4. Thanks for answer jvidal^^
  5. Please, i have a question^^ HFSLIP already suports IE8 for Windows Server 2003? i used the latest version and doesn't work, anyone know about this? Thanks in advance^^
  6. Thank you very much! I done what you told me and it's worked! i was using the HFSLIP Version from the HFSLIP.ORG Download page, and don't know about this new version^^ Thanks to you all for patience with starters and for your kindness! i will now keep reading the forum to learn more and become more experienced to help others like you do! Thank you very much people!
  7. ah^^ my fault^^ Thank you very much friend^^
  8. Thanks For Answer Jvidal, But, I'm Using the latest PT-BR Version (Here's The Download URL), Maybe it can be some files missing in PT-BR Version, When i Extracted the Installer there Was a "IE8Props.Propdesc" File in extracted directory but, can't Find "iesettng.dll" and "iesettng.mui". Sorry For my low knowledge, i'm a starter^^ And thank you very much to all you^^
  9. Here Tommyp, The log you asked for! Thanks in advance for any help^^ HFSLIP.txt
  10. Thanks For answer tommyp and sorry for the attachment, next time i'll attach a txt to you, when i make the operation with HFSLIP 1.78 i have the same results, i'll make the test now and post the result to you editing this post^^ Thanks for the attention!
  11. Good night friends, I'm using HFSLIP with Windows XP SP3 PT-BR and When I SlipStream Internet Explorer 8 and make the ISO, During the Files Copy to HD Stage I Receive the error from a Missing "IE8Props.Propdesc", "iesettng.dll", "iesettng.mui" and the full unatented instalations doesn't Goes on. Can You Help with it please? *-* PS: the error is during windows instalation files copy in VMWARE 6.5 using any install type. here's My log. ...edit by tommyp - learn how to create a zip file and attach it next time.