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  1. Gradius2, I join the chorus, thank you ! your procedure worked fine for me. I had the 1TB hard disk in BSY state and now I can see it back from bios, I just avoided to full dismount the PCB but just lifting the angle near the HDD motor with a piece of paper worked fine for me. However I still have an issue: the hard disk was part of a JBOD set ( 2 7200.11 1TB disks ) of a Lacie 2BIG Network device. Basicly a box with a Busybox (small linux distro for this devices). However, now the disk is begin seen as corrupt from the Lacie Device. In the Busybox log I see this error: "raid array is not clean -- starting background reconstruction" So now I have back the hard disk but for some reason data seems to be corrupt. Any help or redirection to more appropriate discussion board will be greatly appreciated !!!