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  1. Thanks again for this info, I applied the LBA0 fix after the BSY fix, and all has come back, windows booted up wihtout any issues, thankyou so much! lcoughey - Business users and personal users have different values attached to their contents, I lost some photos and vinyl records which I have carefully ripped to mp3 and catalogued, meaing I would have wasted my personal time doing that, and the sentimental value of the pictures, which is hard to value. Would I rather stay at work and earn overtime for to pay for a drive recovery, or stay at home and rip my music again? I guess I could go to the same concert again and take more photos, or have my drive recovered..kind of a hard question to answer.
  2. Gracias Pichi, I got a terminal connection working! I applied the BSY fix, now the BIOS of my PC sees the drive as 0GB. Should I apply the LBA fix, or retry the BSY fix with G-List step? Do you loose data if you apply an LBA fix? I read you have to format?
  3. Hi all Have been reading this topic during the time I have been waiting for my TTL RS232 adapter to arrive. Now it is here, I am a bit stuck as to how to power up everything. Thanks for the info so far to all involved in setting this post up. I have a question regarding my adapter. Do I need to power the RS232 interface seperately from my hard disk? Where do I connect the power to on the RS232 interface I have (pictured below)