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  1. Problem solved! Though not by installing the latest runtime version of VB6... While waiting for your reply I was just trying some things. One of them: Plain deleting. I made a backup of and deleted my directories "\Config.Msi" and "\Documents and Settings\M ~1~HOP", did a reboot and retried the update procedure. That was it! Should have tried that before, wasted two days on the net looking for an answer. I will get the lateste runtime version of VB6. Just to be sure Thanks for helping me out!
  2. Here it is... Thanks in advance!
  3. Here's a file with a snapshot of the message-box while trying to update Messenger. Next I'll place a snapshot when I tried Windows Update.
  4. The message: "Error creating process..." appears when I try to update Windows or Messenger. I doesn't matter if I first download the executable or just click 'Open' on download. I've searched all over Microsofts' website but can't find anything on this problem. Does anyone have a clue how to solve this? (I already reinstalled WinXP SP1).