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  1. Send me your config file please and log.. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <settings> <basic_configuration> <choice>Automatic</choice> <window_managing> <hardware_wizard> <wizard_use>Yes</wizard_use> <wizard_title>Found New Hardware Wizard</wizard_title> <wizard_button_cancel>Cancel</wizard_button_cancel> <wizard_button_next>Next</wizard_button_next> <wizard_button_finish>Finish</wizard_button_finish> </hardware_wizard> </window_managing> <share_configuration> <use_mapping>No</use_mapping> <map_network_drive> <drive_1> <share_path>\\\c$</share_path> <domain_username>EM\MadBoy</domain_username> <domain_password>SuperPass</domain_password> </drive_1> </map_network_drive> </share_configuration> <drivers> <drivers_method>New</drivers_method> <drivers_database_use>No</drivers_database_use> <drivers_database_recreate>No</drivers_database_recreate> <drivers_database_path>$ProgramDir\hardware_database.db</drivers_database_path> <drivers_directory_path>RELATIVE:\Drivers</drivers_directory_path> <drivers_packed>No</drivers_packed> <drivers_copy>No</drivers_copy> <drivers_copy_path>C:\DriversTest</drivers_copy_path> <drivers_copy_delete>No</drivers_copy_delete> <options> <method>RegistryDevicePath</method> <registry_path>Begin</registry_path> <problem_ids>01,10,18,24,28,37,39</problem_ids> <update_all>No</update_all> <plug_and_play> <option>Internal</option> <time_to_wait>5</time_to_wait> </plug_and_play> <shutdown> <auto_reboot_when_necessary>No</auto_reboot_when_necessary> <auto_reboot_when_done>No</auto_reboot_when_done> <auto_login>Yes</auto_login> <notify_when_done>Yes</notify_when_done> </shutdown> <time_to_run>0</time_to_run> <force_run>Yes</force_run> <device_manager>Yes</device_manager> </options> </drivers> <log> <log_overwrite>No</log_overwrite> <log_to_file>No</log_to_file> <log_filename_path>$ProgramDir\hardware.log</log_filename_path> <log_option>Simple</log_option> </log> <gui> <hide_legacy_devices>No</hide_legacy_devices> <fade_in_effect>No</fade_in_effect> <hide_views>No</hide_views> </gui> </basic_configuration> </settings>
  2. tried just setting up a standard "new"config for flashpen, but came up with -
  3. ok thanks for the explanation.. the server is already logged into from the machines for running of other batch files (program instals/customizations etc) basically i would prefer to be able to have the .exe and the .db and the unpacked drivers all on the server. with the mapping option the .exe needs to be ran locally or from a cd/pendrive
  4. nice! thanks.. quick question about networking, does it have to map the drive to use it over the network, or can i select NO to mapping, and simply enter paths where needed? e.g would that work? the drivers would actually be on \\Servername\drivers\unpacked and the .exe would be ran from \\Servername\Drivers so the path is "relative" thanks
  5. thanks will give it a go on monday
  6. hi, is there anyway to get it working over a nework? the .exe & .xml file are here \\Workshop\Install and the drivers dir is here \\Workshop\Install\d i tried setting this in the .xml <drivers_drive>RELATIVE</drivers_drive> <drivers_directory>\D</drivers_directory> but when ran i get path doesnt exist (\:\d). now terminating thanks for any help, and thanks for an awesome utility, i have it working fine from dvd & usb flash.. but need network paths too if possible kC_ p.s i realise i could map a network drive and add it as a drive letter, but this process is part of an automated batch. including our preinstalled apps so unless any knows how to do this in the bacth file? 1. login to network 2. map a share as a drive letter 3. run the drivers (easy) 4. delete the mapped drive
  7. Just set this reg entry in after the silent picasa [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] "Picasa Media Detector"=- heres how i set mine ECHO. ECHO Installing Picasa 2 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Picasa2.msi /qn ECHO. ECHO Now Removing Picasa 2 Media Detect From Auto start up... REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\picasa_disable.reg
  8. yeh the switch is //LOAD /OF /CRAP /UNINSTAL /ASAP
  9. hi, just wondering if its possible to have setup automatically instal windows xp fax?.. did try searching the forum... but it doesnt let you search anything under 4 letters.. thanks
  10. was already set at 0... yet when its set as away, as soon as i get back from work it changes to online mode, which isnt what i want
  11. thanks for the reply.. i had already done that, but it still notices and changes my status's
  12. hi, just wondering if there is a simple way to stop my MSN messenger automatically changing me from "Away" to "online" whenever i fast user switch or log on ? basically so it will never change status, unless i manually change it... thanks kC
  13. cool stuff. thanks! sorry for doublepost, but msfn timed out just as i posted, so i hit submit twice cheers kc
  14. hi.. just wondering if its possible to make a program/exe blocked from internet access automatically during unnatended instal? thanks
  15. hi.. just wondering if its possible to make a program/exe blocked from internet access automatically during unnatended instal? thanks