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  1. Well, I figured it out and fixed my Harddrive! It was the same as most of the other CA-42 Cables, Black was the Ground and Green/White were the TX/RX. I initially had the problem of the weird characters showing up in my terminal, and found out that I was using the wrong color for ground it (was using red at first). Also, after you do the m,2,2..... step, wait until the prompt goes back to the input part, if you disconnect the power right after you get the Complete message, your harddrive will show 0.0GB. (Mine did anyways, and redoing that step and waiting longer fixed this issue.)
  2. Hi Guys, I'm currently trying to repair my Seagate 1TB harddrive, and purchased a CA-42 cable off e-bay. M/N: WACAS07 The cable when opened up has Red, Black, Green and White. Has anyone else used this cable, the connectors are blue and the cable itself is black. Just wondering which color is which. Thanks Guys