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  1. I updated the driver via device manager with your driver an it worked.
  2. Thank you for your explanation!
  3. Hy everyone! I have a question for fernando. I have a Asrock 4core1600Twins-P35 motherboard and i enabled ahci in bios. in the manual of my board says that i have to install ahci controller during windows setup (F6) from floppy. The driver version of that ahci controller that was provided on the original cd of my motherboard is So i slipstreamed that driver using nlite and it worked fine but when i installed xp under device manager, under ide,ata,atapi controllers shows the driver but it says it is not digitally signed! Here is the screenshot: ahci So, I wanted to slipstream new drivers and i did. i downloaded it from intel site and slipstreamed them but know i get a bsod, windows doesnt recognize hdds. Should i install your modified drivers for ich9 chipset because its obvious that my motherboard doesnt have r or m sign after ich9?!Is that the problem?Im not sure so i wanted to ask you first. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hy there! My name is Goran. I`m from Croatia!