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  1. You probably missed nothing. Either the hdd is really damaged or the partition index, which is stored within the track0 of the hdd, could not be read by Windows setup. Tip: Check the hdd by the diagnostic tool of the hdd vendor. If needed, do a low format of the hdd by using the tool. Hi I used the Dell cd and it works fine with reformating the drive and copying the files when run on the cdrom drive. I even went to the level of copying the whole dell recovery cd to the ris server and even that failed with the same error? It finds the drive, you can select it, delete partition and hit format, then it brings up that error again Cheers
  2. Hi Im struggling with a Dell Latitude E6500 Tried manual integration, tried textmode, tried nlite and the best i could get was that it detects the harddrive, however it comes up with the following error Setup was unable to format the partition. The disk may be damaged. Any ideas what i missing with this? Cheers