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  1. no i have an user.ini and i can´t choose a user. edit oh sorry so i haven´t understand it right. my fault again
  2. thats´s an big advantage. edit: i don´t know if it´s a bug. in wihu 2.0 i can choose during user creation between my templates for example "standart user" and "new admin" since wihu 2.1 it´s not possible.
  3. where is the advantage?
  4. [Multimedia] description.0=CDex - MP3 Extraktions Programm command.0=%systemroot%\system32\msiexec.exe /i cdex.msi /qn selected.0=1 hidden.0=1 for example this here. wenn i uncheck the maintree "multimedia" cdex ist installed nevertheless. i tried it again with sub trees description.2=Mozilla command.2=* description.2.0=Thunderbird - E-mail client description.2.0.0=Thunderbird profil command.2.0=Thunderbird\Thunderbird.exe /S command.2.0.0=REGEDIT.exe /S Thunderbird\Thunderbird.reg command.2.0.1=XCOPY /q /Y /i /S /E "Thunderbird\Profile\*.*" "%UserProfile%\Anwendungsdaten\Thunderbird" hidden.2.0=0 hidden.2.0.0=1 hidden.2.0.1=1 selected.2.0 = 0 selected.2.0.0 =1 selected.2.0.1 =1 here it works if i uncheck mozilla nothing is executed
  5. this doesn´t work i tried it with some progs. i have an tree with two subtrees and if i uncheck the tree both sub trees are executet. note: the subtrees are hidden.
  6. [ ] SUBTREE [ ] ITEM 1 [ ] ITEM 2 [ ] SUBTREE 1 [ ] ITEM 1.1 If SUBTREE is Checked/Unchecked, should this also check/uncheck entire subtrees like this: [x] SUBTREE [x] ITEM 1 [x] ITEM 2 [x] SUBTREE 1 [x] ITEM 1.1 i think it´s quite logical so do it like you said.
  7. i don´t know if there are to many options. wihu is quite cool because it´s easy. but indeed i think such an option would be greate. so, yes, add an option where a subtree is just a subtree. thanks for this greate prog again.
  8. i would like it that it´s showen, and that the root can be checked so that the hidden commands can be executed. so the root should be showen also if all of it's childs are hidden.
  9. should we report bugs in your alpha? i don´t realy know if its a bug, but if i select items to be hidden, it´s possibel to let them be showen through pressing the "arrow" at the root tree. you have to click 3 times.
  10. *turns his head to the blackboards and starts writing* " i have to read the whole postings an not only a few words.................................." I´m sorry, the new featrures sounded soooooooooo good, so wantet to try . my fault, again. nevertheless i have one question. benjamin will you add the feature, that hidden elements, which are selected are unselected if no subject of the groupe, where they belong, will be installed. i have requested it one time, and don´t know if you remind it.
  11. i have a prob with the 2.1 alpha no command is executed. so i tried the exampels and they don´t work too. please anser me if i´m the only one with this prob.
  12. sorry my fault, i haven´t read properly.
  13. a stupid question again, how and when do you call wihu durning installation?
  14. i just asked because i don´t like xml and i have choosen your programm because it uses an ini.
  15. one question again is it right that you want to change wihu so that instaed of an ini a xml file is used?