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  1. hey! bingo! i just tried it again choosing all the controllers, and rebooted off the cd, and i can see my c drive (currently with vista) in the setup! just need to back up a few things and see how the install goes, will report back thanks again!
  2. hey Fernando, no go. i applied a tip in one of the replies here to create a small partition after my vista, and when i re booted off the cd i just made, it says Unknown Disk, there is no disk in the drive, while in nLite, i chose the ich8m-e controller, as that was what i have? i wonder what i may have done wrong?
  3. Thanks, burning the iso now, only thing i did differently was when selecting the chipset inf file as per your guide i choose the folder to get it from, instead of single file, as i have the gateway chipset driver extracted to my laptop, i assume that is fine, will post my results after install (hopefully lol)
  4. great post Fernando, will spend today trying this on my gateway mt6730 notebook! I have the Intel ICH8M Ultra ATA Storage Controller-2850 & Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller listed in my device manager with Vista Home premium SP1, I shouldn't have any problems assuming I follow your guide to the letter?