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  1. I've 2 partitions too, but not change any thing in the command, just follow the guide and you'll get your all data back. I followed it step by step and only one partition was completely restored. The other shows up as a drive in Windows, but has no information about it and I get a prompt asking if I want to format it. Both partitions were doing this until the m0 command, but it only restored one partition and not the right one. Help please?
  2. When I do the m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 it fixes one of two partitions on the HD. One is now recoverable with all data in tact, but it isn't the partition I need to get data from. If there are two partitions on the HD, what are the commands for each partition? I see m0 is for one partition, but what would the command be for other partitions? Thanks in advance.