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  1. Hi I am trying to help a friend out. The work i see discussed here is likely, without a lot of help, a bit above my area of expertise. However, i have read where one can simply make a change in the bios from raid to ide. This, i think would likely work for me here, but the problem is that the "raid" is greyed so that i cant change it to ide. I have looked around in the bios and i cant see where to change it from raid to ide or any other setting to ide. I am certain thats all i would have to do. Its an Acer Aspire M1640 dual core pentium machine with Intel Broadwater/ICH8 mobo. Here: Cany anyone tell me how and where to make the necessary changes in the bios so that i can install win xp pro. right now it has vista and when i try using my win xp pro home cd i get the stop 7b error. I am convinced its the sata\raid\bios issue and if i can fix that, change it to ide then all should be fine. thanks in advance, looks like a great site!