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  1. My two cents. Same problem with Seagate ST3750330AS, dead to the world. I also didn't realize I had to power the drive while working with the board, but in retrospect...duh! I found a vendor in Canada for the part. http://cgi.ebay.ca/MAX232-RS232-TTL-Conver...0312128001r2151 Their ebay page has the settings for the jumpers. I used the Null modem setting. I had a couple issues/points I'd like to share. I used a USB hub for my power source for this board, I figured if I messed up, all I would blow up is the USB hub. I grabbed a USB cable, cut off the end, found 5V+ and 5V- and attached them to the MAX232. Worked great as any other voltage would not power up the MAX232. I also had to add a ground from the MAX232 GND to the next pin on the HD (right beside TX). Without it, I was only getting garbage out of the HD. I saw a couple of people post that, easy enough to do since I used a breadboard for my wiring. After all that, it worked great. Godd luck