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  1. Going by my own personal experience with installing W7 to, and running it from, a VHD, I can confirm that it will see the host partition's filesystem. However, it will see the virtual filesystem as C:/, I believe, if I recall correctly (I haven't actually used it that much), and the host partition as some other drive letter.
  2. Just registered here for the sole purpose of saying THANK YOU!!! :thumbup :thumbup I've been wanting to install Win 7 beta ever since its release, but didn't want to create a new partition, and this was the exact kind of thing I was looking for...very cool, dude. Installed it the first time to the VHD following your instructions, and it works GREAT!! I must say the features of Win 7 are bad-a**, and its a far superior OS than Vista...it is everything Vista is not. Very sweet OS (at its present state at least)...now MS better just not screw it up badly by the time of its final release! I like it very much the way it is now, so I hope the final release doesn't stray too far from that. Thanks very much, dude. My sincere appreciation for finding these wonderful instructions. Got pointed to here from another forum on which I am a frequent member, and so I think I should maybe go thank him too... Thanks again.