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  1. Sorry..... for Posting to the wrong forum (PE Forum). TQ
  2. Hi, I'm a newbie on w2k3 networking and hope some one may help me here. I try to set up my company's network as shown in my attachedment. Here is the situation: PC1..n are XP clients connected wirelessly to Linksys WRT350N Wifi Router (1st Router). The "1st Router" connected to w2k3 server thru the LAN port (wired). On my W2k3 Server there is another USB WIFI dongle which connects to the Internet thru Buffalo Air Router (2nd Router) and ADSL Modem. I'm configuring my network IP to : PC1..n (IP:; Gateway:; DNS: 1st Router (IP:; Gateway:; DNS:; DHCP = Disabled) Server (LAN IP:; Gateway:; DNS: ( WIFI IP:; Gateway:; DNS: 2nd Router ( WAN: DHCP; ROUTER IP:, DHCP = Enabled) right now I can connect to the internet from my server, but unable to have internet connection from clients PC. i want all the clients to have internet which controlled by the server. Could somebody help? TQ