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  1. I can't test it at the moment because I'm formatting the HDD ( Well, "C" drive, anyway - I hope that's the **** hard drive or I'll be making the USB bootable again, lol...) Got a quick link to that FAQ, by chance ? ( sorry, I'm doing 3 things here at once...) EDIT : OK, that didn't help ( modified NTDETECT.COM )........ I have an empty C: drive with a dos partition on it now, but booting to it no other drives show up.
  2. None of this is getting me anywhere.. It boots, it loads all files, and when "starting windows" I just get the good ol' BSOD everytime.... I used DBAN on the HDD after several attempts, and now that the drive is wiped clean, I'm still getting the BSOD. I tried changing the Setup data, by adding this line : SetupSourceDevice = \device\harddisk1\partition1 And even tried changing from 1 to 0 and back, to no avail.... I don't believe the actual HDD is even being seen, honestly - but I don't get far enough to know......