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  1. A success story... My Seagate ST3500320AS (SD15 firmware, 9BX154-303 made in China, OEM drive) packed up with the BSY issue, and only then did I find out that this issue existed. I bought a DKU-5 clone Nokia cable online for something like 3 pounds online, and a torx screwdriver set from Maplin for about 8 pounds. The cable did contain the TTL conversion chip, but it took me a while to realise that on my version the chip was meant to be powed from the phone end, not the USB end. To get it to work, I had to: Look up the pins online from Attach a 3v calculator battery across the 3v pin and ground Then, using Terminal.exe downloaded off the net, I could get the cable to echo commands when the Tx and Rx were connected. I connected up the drive, following the instructions in this thread, connecting the GND pins of the drive and cable to a molex GND pin on the PC. To power the drive, I used a genuine SATA cable, not a SATA to Molex adaptor. Initially, I didn't realise commands were case sensitive, and so "z" did nothing (thankfully). Other than that, it went smoothly until I tried "m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22". In my case, the drive reported that the format took "0 mins 00 secs". But then my drive worked again! So I went and downloaded the latest SD1A update for my drive, flashed it, and... Got a non-funtioning drive, visible in the bios, but non-booting and failing every SeaTools test. Seagate's tech support couldn't help, and thinking it was the firmware, I went looking (to no avail) for a copy of the SD15 firmware to downgrade. Finally, I found someone on the Seagate forums who had the same issue as me and resolved it by repeating the BSY fix after the flash. I tred that, and it did nothing. As a last resort, I searched this forum and found Aviko's post in which he recommended to someone with the 0 mins 00 secs format that they run "F,,22" and then "m0,6,2,0,0,0,0,22". And now, just when I was ready to bin it, I have a working SD1A drive. Not that I'm sure I will trust it, or the 2 other SD15 drives I have.... Thanks to everyone who has posted to this thread - it's amazing how helpful it's been. Thanks to Gradius for helping me find this information (even if he didn't create it) and to Aviko for saving my drive when I thought nothing would. Time to get all my data backed up.