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  1. Azureus for Bittorrent! That rocks =) but i still need a good replacement for suprnova[dot]org... and i don't like exeem, don't know why ><
  2. hey man, what windows skin are you using? i like it!
  3. holy cow! look at you're systray man! but nice background though!
  4. An other great way of creating these kind a things: Serious samurize!
  5. Why are all you guys doing weard about the .nfo files? :S You can open them using Notepad, nothing more! :+ Great post, but one thing: does anyone has file associations for Notepad2?
  6. It's looks like you miss some files... You did a normal install?
  7. Hmm, i am trying to get the nForce 5.1 compressed, but wich inf do i need to take? :S There are a lot of them inside each folder...
  8. Look, i downloaded the kav5.0trial_personalen.exe from here and then that file askes you where to extract it, default is C:/kav and he runs the installer from there. So my question is, wich one do you use? the kav5.0trial_personalen.exe or the extracted installer from the C:/kav dir?
  9. Wich file is the 0byte thing in the archive attached to the starttopic? the .ico? And when i wanna remove some components, wich one should i replace with the 0byte thing?
  10. Hmm, everyone is saying something about kav.exe, but i got the kav personal demo with kav.key. The demo installer extracts the following files to C:/Kav/Personal5.0/English: 0007E6F5.key kav5.0.227_personalen.exe release_notes.htm And the dir "doc" with a pdf inside. do i need to install it using the kav5.0.227_personalen.exe /S?
  11. hmm doesn't work for me...
  12. A friend of my has one, love it! finally not a thing bigger then a dvd player :+ And now an xbox mini or something =)
  13. ok people, i got a little question, what do i need to do to make it silent if i just start it from my .bat using safemode with commandprompt? i have extracted the driver only pack, check if the last rule was good, but now?
  14. hmm sounds cool this! BUT: i got a little prob, i miss a file in my "installer" called: Setup.exe i gotted a zip with the following files in it: "Symantec AntiVirus.msi" further the rest of the folders are called: Common CommonAppData External Program files Redist System32 Windows it works great, installing is no problem with it, but how can i slipstream this? for updating the virus def i'll probably need to be in this folder: "program files\Symantec AntiVirus\Virus Defs" but is there anything else that's usefull? i already found the liveupdate folder two so maby an update there? i don't know anyone?
  15. ok, i got this now as my INI: [SETUP] XLIBRARY=1 XJUMP=1 XMODERNSKIN=1 XAUDIO=1 XNAME=XXXXX XKEY=XXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX XQUICKLAUNCH=1 INSTALLDIR=C:\Program files\Winamp XSKINSETTING=Winamp Classic but my questions are the following: this should install: winamp library jump 2 file modern skin support audio support it will become registered (do i need to use " " for it?) i will get a quicklaunch icon it will be installed to C:/program files/winamp and i will get the winamp classic skin as standard? tnx already, stevenp