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  1. Hi All, Same issue as everyone here, 7200.11 drive not showing up in BIOS, and this is the second time, with a second drive. but i FIXED both of them without the RS232 fix with hyper terminal and here is how. I swapped the PCB's from each drive to the other, the drives then instead of NOT showing up in BIOS display with 0MB , I then shutdown, swapped back the PCBS between the discs booted up to the Seagate Firmware flash CD and flashed both their firmware, now they work with no issues and all the data has now been backed up externally. So if you are lucky enough to have another 7200.11 drive hanging about, switch over the PCB, power on and you will see it in bios as 0MB. Power off, switch PCB back and use the seagate Firmware boot disc to flash the drive.