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  1. Thanks ElectroGeeza all Fixed, my disk alive . The problem was i Remove PCB but i introduce vertical and not horizontal. Solved Thanks to Pichi . Pichi eres el mas grande, despues de Perico Delgado claro . A greeting for all forum.
  2. Thanks ElectroGeeza this problem is Fixed, but I have another. no access to hard disk LED:000000CC FAddr:0024A051 After you have connected the power to the circuit board, press CTRL+Z in your HyperTerminal session. You should now see a prompt like this: CODEF3 T> If you do not see this prompt, check your RS-232 connections to the drive. (you may have the TX and RX flipped). Now we'll need to access the Level 2, type: CODEF3 T>/2 (enter) F3 2> And type (to spind down the motor): CODEF3 2>Z (enter) Spin Down Complete Elapsed Time 0.147 msecs (the time will vary here) F3 2> So much perfect But With the POWER CONNECTED to the PCB board, as well as your TX/RX terminal wires, mount the board back on the HDA case. You must have the power connected when you do this. Now type (to start the motor): CODEF3 2>U (enter) I can not the HyperTerminal is bloqued I can not write. Thanks
  3. Hola estoy intentado arreglar el disco con el cable dku5 pero me da error en el puerto aparentemente los driver estan bien instalados. Hi i'm used dku-5 for nokia but fails in port com3 Esta configurado de la siguiente manera en el hyperTerminal El administrador de dispositivos parece que esta bien. My english is very poor, sorry Gracias.