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  1. Sorry i didn't make that very clear. Are any parts of the win7 driver compatible or interchangeable with the XP driver?
  2. I have them extracted, but you cannot use them from scratch with Windows XP, because the TXTSETUP.OEM file is missing.Can the txtsetup file be added into the win7 drivers? Or is modifying the driver a fruitless endeavor?
  3. If its in-box then i shouldn't bother trying to integrate it... Do you have any other ideas? I really don't want to change my hardware but its looking like my only option. Thx, Zak
  4. Tried again... no luck. Is the newer driver available? I can't seem to find its code.. Thx, Zak
  5. Well i tried.. I got past the user agreement then it couldn't detect array. No way to know for sure if it truly is 7100 and not a patched 7077(etc.) until i get it installed. I am going to try to clear cmos/mbr/rtc/etc. and reformat/redefine array then try again. Regards, Zak
  6. Ahh i was afraid of that... maybe i'm not so ignorant. Much like the person in the second link, i figured its a driver issue because i can install the OS on both disks fine in IDE mode but once i switch to RAID thats when i get stuck in the endless driver debacle. I really didn't want to change OS but i will give it a shot! IDK if it matters but i set my stripe block to 128k. OT: I see that its leaked to torrent... would you recommend i wait for the official 7100 RC? (may 5?) thx, Zak
  7. First and foremost, Fernando1 you are a golden god in my book(4+ years of support for ignorant users like myself) Wow if you knew how many floppys i had been juggling before i found nlite you might pay money to see it! What a great program! Problem: XP64 won't detect my ssd's in raid 0 What i have: Asus M3N-HT deluxe(nforce 780a) w/ phenom 9950 BE 2x Gskill 64gb SSD 2gb OCZ pc2 9600 etc.. What i have tried(not in order): format/partition ssd's multiple floppy driver f6 attempts w/ nvidia 15.26 SATARAID driver and older mcp72 version 3 nlite attempts first using fernando linked 103046 driver then using fernando mod driver. clear cmos/mbr/rtc delete array/redefine bios fiddling etc. What i know: Everything works Bios detects array set in raid 0 ssd drives plugged into first two sata ports both drives are accessible(ie: not raw) via USB Im at the end of my wits! Thank you for your time, Zak