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  1. Just to be sure .... flashing my ST3500320AS fw SD15 to the newest one won't screw up my data, will it? Is this update recomended? Any new issues?
  2. Worked for me !!!!!!!! After reading and re-reading this thread, I've decided to get myself a cheap DKU-5 nokia cable and do the trick mentioned here. For those newbies or those who doesn't get much of electronic (my case), i'll describe what I did to get my Seagate ST3500320AS Barracuda 7200.11 back to work with ALL MY DATA. Just to let people know that in my case I didn't need either a real SATA power cable (I used a molex one) nor you need extra power (USB, power supply or batteries) in order to get the DKU-5 device working. All you gotta do is find both RX and TX wires exiting from your DKU-5 and connecting them to TX and RX, respectively, in your HD. Just that and you'll be ready to follow the steps described in the first post of this thread. Many thanks to all you guys who have been contributing to this great solution for dead drives from Seagate. Just an addendum .... In order to find RX and TX wires from the cell phone cable, I did the following: 1) Cut the wire of your cell phone data cable 2) In my case I had 6 wires inside (blue%