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  1. proxomitron works without issues with seven (both 32 and 64 bit).
  2. I just noticed 12 downloads of my config file. If someone is interested in all "design facts" and more PM me or write to my dedicated account. windowcleaner04@gmail.com I would be happy to share experience get feedback and discuss details. (talking about experience: when testing the nlite setup called tinyXP done by a person who uses "experience" as avatar I found it pretty much broken. I consider my setup "a little bit better")
  3. I am aware of this sad fact. what I am takling about here are the remaining issues I listed. they could possibly be solved by altering the ("pretty vast") configuration or someone could say: this issue works for me. regards, chris
  4. bump ;-) no comments or hints? i just thought about doing the last tiny refinements of my nlite xp so any input about the problems i encountered is welcome (attached my current config). thx, chris LAST_SESSION.INI
  5. no answer by nuhi can be interpreted in different ways, I made my choice. (it seems that he has not posted anything since august 2008...) as m$ has obviously no interest in making windoze anything like fast, slim, portable or transparent (they like it sticky, bold, non portable, and diffuse), they certainly have an interest in getting rid of nlite/vlite (and avoiding 7lite). and eating more resources is a "smart motor" for harware sales. I will use my nlited xp as long as possible.
  6. hi all! first of all, nlite works great and i managed to reach like 99% of what I consider as perfect windows installation (Previously I used xplite and finally decided to give nlite another try). Here are some notes about my current experience. What I cound not achieve: - disable "remember each folder's view settings" in exporer's "folder options" - disable page file - set keyboard "repeat delay" What seems odd: - the file "Show Desktop.scf" got lost, I had to restore it What I would see as an improvement: - non delta opearton delta operation possilby saves some time, but it restricts possibilities and makes nlite less intuitive (i.e. I would prefer not to directly modify the source directory) - extended config file the file would be more readable and useful if specific options would have a switch instead of being removed. (i.e. instead of having or not having "Games" in section "[Components]" I would prefer an entry like "Games Remove" or "Games Keep") Such file could be easier compared and checked, it would list "all" options. thanks to nuhi and all contributors, cteaser