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  1. OK.. The First greenish cable i used was usb-to-usb not knowing the importance of TX/RX Second pic i've posted was cheap ca-42 that my frnd gave me he used that in older nokia phones models. I am on a desktop(c2d e6600, asus p5b dlx-wifi ap) My current inventory holds: Chinese CA-42 cable. Nokia DKU-5 cable (ca-42 cable of nokia brand). CA-53 cable Source: NOW:I don't get this(It shows only COM1, as i use asus p5b dlx it already has a comport so this cannot be the usb port) 4. In hyper terminal , select the com port used by dku-5 cable , then set up as follows: 38400, N, 1 no flow control. even after following these instructions:
  2. ^^ I owned a N70 and the dku-5 cable came with it... there's no question of uncertainty being real or fake
  3. Hey thanks for reply, The ca-42 cable i have was for nothing a friend gave it to me but now i have a Nokia dku-5 but it doesn't show up as new hardware when connected to usb port(device manager screen shot attached) either. I remember when i used to connect my N70 then only it used to show as new device. Based on the below links it seems i would not have to cut the cable, correct me if I'm wrong
  4. Hi everyone, I am completely noob when it comes to wires and voltage. I have got a ca-42 cable for solving BSY error on SD15 firmware. I am confused with wires, as i have read in previous posts that ca-42 has 6wires ? but i have made a setup assuming the following post(Pictures Below): Is my setup correct ? How to do loopback test ? Is the following method safe and working ? If not pls guide me around power input too I'm posting several pictures of my setup: Thanks.
  5. Thanks.. i'll order one of these or a ca-42(nokia dku3 cable) asap What did u select in hyper terminal ??? com1 ?
  6. Sir, i have few questions: 1. I font get a usb option in HT 2. I have cut off a usb-usb converter and i get 4 wires can anyone tell me can this work, with above issue i cant determine the tx and rx nodes. 3. I have many sata power converters but no jumper cables can i use the wires from the sata converters OR any of the four wires from the usb converter ? 4. Can anyone figureout which one is 3v cable and ground cable ? Sorry guys i'm really not into wires and voltages please if anyone can show me the right path ?
  7. Sir, i cant see the images
  8. I had my pc running till 1-2am as usual but today afternoon my segate 1TB[sT31000340AS] hdd was not being detected ? it was bought like 6months back. I removed all the hdd except for this, tried different power-cables and sata connectors but nothing works. The hdd is not being detected in bios. The hdd starts to spin first, i get a light jerk but after 5-10secs it shuts down or may be the speed decreases, this happens in every restart ! I don't have any idea of such issues can anyone help me with it ? I know that my model is on mass failing list of seagate flagship but when i checked my serial no. it was not on the list of failing model. I am really frustrated with this as 80-90% of hdd was loaded . 1. afaik the hdd is not really dead, this issue can be fixed or replacement is the only option ? 2. Will i loose my data ? 3. What if i wanna get back my data ? Will seagate help me ? 4. Any other opinions for this situation ??? The drive is in Warranty, Expiration 24-Oct-2013 . It had SD15 firmware, i don't really know much about hdd firmwares, can i update the firmware in such situation ?