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  1. Any one in the Greater Montreal Area who have fixed the problem or are suffering the problem, I have two drives affected.
  2. Well add another two dead drvies to the ever growing list. My drive went on my birthday (last thursday) and my friends drive went today. Both are seagate 7200.11, mines a 750GB and his a 500GB. This stikes me as such a odd coincindence so with a little research I came accross this forum and after reading through it I am confident I will be able to resolve both drives problem. I am almost 100% sure they are suffering the BSY problem. When I place either drive in an external enclosure and turn it on the led showing busy state is solid on. We both live in the greater Montreal area so just wondering if theres any one else in the area who has the same problem or has fixed the problem themselves. I'd be willing to meat up and try and collectively fix this problem. Any who I'll be purchasing some parts to fix this myself shortly and will ask any questions if I need any help. Thanks for all the hard work put in to this problem so far by everyone.